Engineering Services

Expert Engineering Services

Our team of Engineers is constantly striving to improve our processes by working with our customers and industry colleagues.  Using innovative resources, tools, and training, our engineers design each assembly process to function like a well oiled machine.

Process Development

A large component of building quality electronics is designing a simple, yet complete, process.  Our engineers are keenly aware of this as they design our process for each new product we build.

  • PCB Panelization
  • Paste & Flux Chemistry
  • Stencil Design & Printing Parameters
  • SMT Programming
  • Reflow Profiling
  • AOI Inspection Programming
  • Assembly Line Balancing
  • Wave Profiling & Pallets
  • Test Fixtures & Programming


Another major component is the complete and concise documentation of all product and process requirements.  These items ensure consistency and conformance to your specifications.

  • Bill of Materials
  • Approved Manufacturer List (AML) Control & Component Research
  • Production Work Instructions
  • Production Routing
  • Component Drawings for Subcontractors
  • Gerber Modification / Regeneration

Design For Manufacturing (DFM) Review

We know that you are experts at designing products, we’re experts at designing processes to reduce cost and increase product reliability.  We’ll happily take a look at your design and make recommendations to help you get the most from your outsourcing dollar.  It could be as simple as moving a few parts, but often the answers are much more complex. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to talk through your project with our Team.

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